4 Spiritual Facts plus 2 aspects of the illusion.

Here are four spiritual facts of life that I use to guide my path.

1.     There is absolutely unequivocally no real thing or place called hell.
2.     There is also no such thing as heaven.
3.     Death is a foolish myth.

These ideas were all created to scare and spread fear for purposes of control and lucre.  Like you my thinking process is one individuation of the conscience of God.  Being one individuation of that infinite soul I have done everything, I have been everywhere, I have been everything and I will continue to do so forever.  The body dies but I do not.  I am the perceiver of the wondrous universe I have created.

The fourth is now, there is only now, the living now, the eternal now.

Let me state the two certain aspects that exists within the illusion you may have already heard about.

The first is universal law and is defined by two words:  what works.  At this time the only thing that has ever worked within the illusion is Love and from my personal sources I don’t see that changing.

The second is everything that is outside of the perceiver is illusion and unreal.  You, the perceiver is that what is and everything else when you think about it, actually happens a light second later, i.e. the mind processes through chemical means for sensory input to become known.

We are all one and our fear is nothing but mistaken love, remember?


Death is a Myth

I was born a hippy. The hippy way of thinking is the way I thought from the beginning. I am thinking that way now and I will be thinking like that for ever, peace. But the time in my life where I realized that I was a hippy was the nineteen sixties in my second decade of life within this human carcass of circulating veins. So in 1967, like so many many millions of others that year for the first time I smoked pot and tripped on acid. Lysergic acid diethylamide 25, I believe, is a substance that never did a healthy brain in a healthy environment any harm what so ever. It is a catalyst that allows your brain to use its chemical concocting power to function graphically.

We are dimensionless points of consciousness that are infinite individuated fragments of the one soul. We are watching through our bodies. The perceiver perceives the illusion as it is created. The perceiver is real and can only be described by what it is not. The illusion that is taking place in the continuum is not in the present moment with the perceiver. It happens a light second after the actual intended concept is formulated into a happening. When something happens in the continuum it needs the apparatus of the body to relay the message to the mind through the sensory organs and then to mind to be understood. Those are chemical reactions that take time to occur. The perceiver is.

Mental illness is a problem of the brain. The brain is not functioning in a way that can be understood and illusions in this created illusion can be more of a problem than any illusion should ever be. Illusions like fear, which is a perfect example of an illusion within an illusion. Fear, if not perceived for what it is can turn the brain into a terrible place. Therefore, it is important to remember at all times that one is not the brain which is a machine, that one is perceiving at a delay of a light second through the technology of the living physical corpse. As the perceiver whatever your body is experiencing is just more experiential information. It is not you; you are something indescribable that is apart watching through the physical apparatus you have been provided.

Panic attacks are the pit of despair if not realized for what is happening. They are of the physical body which is sort of short circuiting, for lack of a better explanation. Patients, one needs to be patient and realize real power in this universe: patients. The real you does not have any idea of what fear is, it watches and never dies, never begins and never ends. Each time you come back to the body you are the very best version of who you are. Nothing in creation will ever end; it will either be good or bad, most definitely, but end, no way, not going to happen to anything but the fleshy apparatus that is inhabited and discarded at the appropriate moment. Death is a myth