The world is what it is. Those people over there are who we are and us people over here are who they are. It just gets a little confusing perceiving it all being the way the universe is operating in such a complicated way. My pin point consciousness having universal comprehension and minimal ability to communicate comparatively to that universe. I appreciate the fact that this is a dynamic aspect of creation that makes it possible for me to be always learning what and who I am.

right use of will and the death is a myth thing

so death is a myth because the body is an illusion as created to solve the lonely issue. Yes it does die but we all know that we go no where. If one could cease to exist we all would cease to exist.

The very first thing to be created in a unknowable moment was the Mother of all the universe. Fear seems to be born around the same time and event. This initial experience of creation led to the ultimate ignoring and denying and thereby the subjugation of woman. They have been abused and mistreated, enslaved and imprisoned but never destroyed because the mother is of a vibration above all others except the great first source and center. She is the divine source of all women who are but her fragments and mankind is in denial by living a fantasy of endless war laden with ridiculous guilt.

We are not guilty and we will not deny any longer the divine characteristics of the Mother and her right to posses and control through her loving grace this planet that was given to her by her mate. God is her lover and he has come full circle now and understands what needs to be done to heal the rift that began with ignorant fear and became Lucifer.

yeah, death is a myth, but only if you can conceive of the idea that you are eternal and something other than this thing that is using a computer.  You are real and everything else is not and it is operating under universal law.  There are warriors and there are saviors but most of all there are mothers without which there be no body.  If there be nobody then it will be because of universal law which is WHAT WORKS!  Sorry, I like to capitalize the letters sometimes and add and exclamation point whenever appropriate.  Nobody could not possibly be what works cause there would be nobody to work.

So I am not this and not that and yet I am very something.  That something is what I am and is so very simple and beautiful in the most complicated way.  It is what is and though I think I am thinking independently it is not so, only on the physical human mechanical technological level.  On this sensual level it is a fact that one is never in the present moment because of the very nature of the senses.

Sensual demands that something is felt and for something to be felt there must be an apparatus to ascertain the feeling, a finger, a toe, some extension of the central nervous system.  What I am is in the present moment and exists now, here and is eternal.  From this vantage point I look out through my eyes and smell and taste and feel and hear life as it happens, a light second behind the actual event because of the human apparatus’ processes of the brain and other equipment. This bubble of thought I use is shared by every conscience being in all the universes at this moment everywhere.  Every thing that thinks is using the same thought process made available by the one of kind and only loving God of creation, first being and ultimate mate of the mother.  He is her lover and the ultimate thinker and true father of us all.

Conceptual #2

Death a myth?

well, yeah. We don’t really die cause we can not, because there is no way out and we keep coming back with the consolation that it is always getting happier, more successful and fun each time. If that is not the case for you and things are getting worse, well, wake up soon or God is going to remove you from this galactic vicinity.


Life is so illusive and illusion is not really the right word for it. Creation I believe is a more apt term. That works for me because nothing else comes close to explaining the infinite now. It has got to be some dimensionless point of conscientiousness waking up one day to the realization that he is god and proceeds into the infinite like anyone would, any newborn.

Eugenics seems the most probable origination of the corporeal human being. This is obvious useful technology that is highly refined into an extremely functional vehicle that can and does serve many purposes.


Greed, such a malady and how can it be cured.  The fear of not having something can cause it and I bet that every individual that suffers from it has never understood or experienced the actual physical state of not having.  Not having does not exist.  The illusion is all about having and the universe will make sure that it happens in the most lovely way.  It actually depends on the way you approach it.  If you are fearful everything becomes fearful; you must be what you are, never opt for or say you fear of lack, but assert that you have and if that is not the way it seems at present it will appear.

In a very magic way existence is a wonderful painting by of and with you.