The world is what it is. Those people over there are who we are and us people over here are who they are. It just gets a little confusing perceiving it all being the way the universe is operating in such a complicated way. My pin point consciousness having universal comprehension and minimal ability to … Continue reading “March”

right use of will and the death is a myth thing

so death is a myth because the body is an illusion as created to solve the lonely issue. Yes it does die but we all know that we go no where. If one could cease to exist we all would cease to exist. The very first thing to be created in a unknowable moment was … Continue reading “right use of will and the death is a myth thing”


Life is so illusive and illusion is not really the right word for it. Creation I believe is a more apt term. That works for me because nothing else comes close to explaining the infinite now. It has got to be some dimensionless point of conscientiousness waking up one day to the realization that he … Continue reading “ummmmm”