right use of will and the death is a myth thing

so death is a myth because the body is an illusion as created to solve the lonely issue. Yes it does die but we all know that we go no where. If one could cease to exist we all would cease to exist.

The very first thing to be created in a unknowable moment was the Mother of all the universe. Fear seems to be born around the same time and event. This initial experience of creation led to the ultimate ignoring and denying and thereby the subjugation of woman. They have been abused and mistreated, enslaved and imprisoned but never destroyed because the mother is of a vibration above all others except the great first source and center. She is the divine source of all women who are but her fragments and mankind is in denial by living a fantasy of endless war laden with ridiculous guilt.

We are not guilty and we will not deny any longer the divine characteristics of the Mother and her right to posses and control through her loving grace this planet that was given to her by her mate. God is her lover and he has come full circle now and understands what needs to be done to heal the rift that began with ignorant fear and became Lucifer.

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