Story of the Mother

It is our being that is transported within the Creature.  Many different creatures exist.  In fact if there be an appraisal every being is on a hegemony of existence rated by the closest to the Creator by the time of each individuals creation.  Each creature is created within a space/time continuum. God being the initial and everlasting singularity of thought, the Virgin Mother being the first and perfect offspring of the Creator and then their first born Christ.


In the very beginning the Father gave birth to the Mother of Everything.  She was His first Creature and it is remembered today as the “big bang.”  Conception after that initial birth involves orgasm.  That first birth, which was like no other, was not so pleasurable as it was jolting.  My assumption is that because the One Creator, having spent a lot of time when time did not exist and being quite solitary that the arrival of the Mother was startling.  He was a bit surprised and reacted with fear and denial.  Even though nothing really existed prior to this initial space/time moment, His emotions were (primordial?) just that, fear and denial, the first two emotions He recalled that appeared when He first started perceiving things.  Creation is consciousness and His creatures are individual conscious entities individuated infinitely.  The Mother is the first Creature with a separate conscious being outside of the Almighty and within His Creation.


The first moment, the “Big Bang,” was the moment the Virgin Mother was born.  An unexpected eternally longed for friend and helper to His Creative ideas of love and faith.  The beginning was rough and the Mother was not received well and was categorically rejected out of fear and pushed away.  In the first moment of Creation the Mother of Everything was rejected and it began Her destiny of suffering more than any of her children.  She is now miraculously arrived through the abuse to the time She is destined to be healed and redeemed of all the insults upon Her feminine divinity, all of Her tears will be of Joy, all of her pain will be forgotten like the passing of a cloud in the blinking of an eye.


Creation is somewhat like a cinema.  Time is running at a certain speed.  The Creature perceives the time but since the speed of time itself is implacable and nonstop, the creature is perceiving in past tense, so to speak, after the fact, because the brain takes a light second to comprehend anything and by that time the event is past and it is just recall.  Everything the Creatures perceives is due to the reflection of the one and only conscious thing in the Universe:  God.  He perceives in the present moment, we will never be able to do that because that bubble of light we use to think with is a holy reflection.  We are individuals and capable of independent thought and allowed to think anything we want but there is the law that sets limits.  What Works:  Only Love and Faith.

That is the lesson.  Love and Faith is what works, nothing else.  Since the beginning of time/space we have come full circle and have made all the mistakes.  We can fix them now and it is the time for nurture and healing, the time for Grand Mothers.  The Fathers and Sons need to remember their mission, support the Mother and your Sisters,  take care of all Her children and animals, honor her Planet.  Make it fertile and productive.