Let’s examine Lucifer

Lucifer is not an Archangel, not an angel in any way, shape or form.  It is not a he or a she, although it absolutely loathes with insane hatred the Mother of everything because She is Gods spouse, forever.  Lucifer is actually part of God’s conscientiousness.  A very small spot that is essential for the duality of existence to exist.  Lucifer is anti-God, the aspect that makes all things and life itself sweet because in and of itself its light is cold, cruel and chaotic and a perfect aspect to realize grace and harmony.  Evil does and will exist and it must be bound.


Each of us that is reasonable must learn from the metaphor of Michael the Archangel.   With Gods strength each of us must bind the evil within our own conscientiousness and never visit where we have imprisoned the monstrous thing.  We understand and we never go there because we understand.  Lucifer is a fool, God’s creatures are not.  God is and has all mighty existential power over all things.  He lives and is a fountainhead of life within each one of us.  There is no way out of Heaven.  If you practice cruelty and chaos you will suffer until you learn as all eternal thinking beings learn the universal law:  What Works, and the method and only things that work is two eternal essences of the Creator of all:  Love and Faith.




Peering through the retinas it is sometimes hard to see.
That vision caught cascading so boring thrilling free.
The mind jumps to attention and cranks out reverie.
I stand there watching hearing not knowing what I be.

The time it takes an impulse to travel on the brain bus
Is only always nimble finding truth you know you can trust.
You are thinking you might be knowing experience of the now,
But I am here to tell you only Creator knows just how.

You know I cannot reach it and feel the truest now
within this fleshy sequence of neural port and prow.
I am His created creature and I ponder his great brow.
My dimensionless point of consciousness is Him as He is now.

And I am thinking I am thinking and I am thanking the one that shows me how.