so if anyone were owner of the Universe…..

excuse me, I own the Universe.  I have since 1953.  I didn’t realize this fact until I was around sixty years of age or so when I finally quit denying that voice inside.  I finally got behind it and realized that God lives right here with me and we have a conversation that is eternal and personal.

Due to the upbringing and inevitable dumbing down I went through since the fifties I had to see through this denying which is very big with dumbed down persons who have been innocent and rendered political correct deniers.  So when I finally realized the truth that the Creator God inhabits everything that thinks and has a special relationship with individual human consciousness I began to really live in security and confidence.
There is only one sentient consciousness in the universe and that would be the actual thought patterns of the Creator that reside in the present moment.  Us creatures on the other hand do not even have the capability of experiencing the present moment because of the nature of the vehicle we are inhabiting.  Every perception we perceive is always a light second behind the actual event.  The present moment where the original consciousness exist is infinitely reflected through each of us with our extraordinary power to think thoughts.