Common Sense


When people use common sense the result is understanding. Common sense means you have a conscience. Having a conscience means you are an individual and make up your own mind. You seek the truth knowing it is the only thing that really demonstrates freedom. The truth educates by being correct and backed by experience and facts.

So what is so common about common sense? Common sense is common meaning that is a common trait of everyone. Sense means knowing so if it is common we all know. Common sense is wonderful way to say spiritual oneness.

That oneness is elusive and can be so construed to not be perceived. Through trauma things get twisted. When one believes that one is the mind one can be quite miserable. For whatever reason you feel that you are nothing more than the mind and that it is your thought that the mind is making.

Well, when we think this way we are making a common mistake. It is not possible for the mind to be you and it is very obvious why that is so when one considers. You, your conscious can not perceive in the present moment. The present moment where everything is happening as it happens. Mind is only doing its job as your brain and that job is to perceive and that takes time. Obviously that time is taken up by figuring out what the perception is. Be it sight, sound, touch, taste, smell or spiritual, it takes a bit of time to collate the data. Yep, one can say we are all living in past tense, just a micro second behind what happens.

Your conscious or that bubble of thought we all use is a reflection of the only conscious being in the universe, the divine creator. The most magnificent entity in the universe and one of a kind. Our father who is in secret.

Alone in the void the Creator created first his perfect creature, His Spouse, the Goddess Mother of Everything. This Mother with Her Husband began Creating the universes, galaxies, stars and spirts at the realization of Her becoming an entity. The Creators perfect creature that not only can give birth to life, but nature life with Her perfect living system body. The Mother of Everything’s first born is Christ.

Now Creation gets going for good. The Creator being one with everything had to make a decision. How was He going to exist with his wife the way he is physically? There was needed another body to complete the picture. Everything emanates from Him and yet He is what is emanating. The Creator can manipulate paradox for lack of a better description. But he cannot be two personalities, two consciousness’s at the same time. The next individual to come on the scene is the Father of Manifestation, his faithful actor and representative to the Mother.

With the Father of Manifestation we have the completion of the organization of the Deities that form the central power in Creation. They are: The Creator, The Mother, The Son and The Father of Manifestation. In that order they are ranked as the highest order of personality in Creation. These four now begin and set out to create and did create many children and many universes with many galaxies.

For some reason there was trouble. Lucifer appeared from out of nowhere and confusion and quarreling ensued. Mother and Father were separated, the Creator, as everyone in His entourage were experiencing life for the first time did not comprehend then that being whom and what He was did not allow for much suffering by Him personally.

The Mother was a different story, she experienced all the suffering her Husband was immune to until the point that it became obvious that She might not survive the trauma and abuse. This state of affairs is still going on, the Mother the most abused, traumatized, lied to, tricked and used of all the Fathers creatures. The Father is now committed to the reality of healing the Mother and her daughters. This is the prime directive and will continue until She is whole, healthy and complete in Her dominion upon this Planet.

Man is the being created to fit. For the Wombman. He is her helper, protector, enabler, guardian, and lover. He listens to Her and provides a way for her wisdom to bloom.


The friendship between The Creator and the Father of Manifestation is our history. Distrust, stupidity, anger, courage, compassion, empathy are all weakness and strengths of character needed to have been explored between these two personalities.

Let’s think about it, we have a deity that creates his dream creature. They immediately have a lovely relationship creating stuff and then the first born and then what. The Creator realizes that another creature as sort of a proxy was needed. At this point the Creator is mindful of his power and a bit paranoid. It is no wonder for at the beginning the first conscious feelings were guilt and denial. Where they came from only He knows, but they are here and operating full bore at present.

And Lucifer, where did this character come from. It turns out that after too many painful experiences with this one by the Mother that it was finally comprehended that he represents, the Creators gap. A gap in denial where dwells all the anti-things that the Creator does not like but are needed to make things work. The analogy being your eyeball. In order to perceive light there needs to be a nerve running out the back of your eyeball and that nerve ending creates a blind spot in a part of the eyeball you don’t normally use. We are not really even aware of this until we check and prove it is there.

Lucifer is like the blind spot because in the duality of our universe there must exist evil and there is a place specially made for it. That place is not on Mother Earth. All of us have a gap just like the Creator. We all need to understand that and put it in the proper place.

All of this happened so long ago using our space time calibration it is not possible to portray. The planet Earth is originally a gift to His Spouse when He thought He would try and give the Mother something. The only something she wanted was Him and his light, but that was not to be a reality on this planet until recently.

Many legends of fairies and magic animals and wondrous things are part of the long lonely story of the Mother. How she was used again and again throughout history. Almost totally obscured from her divine role of leadership and life giving.

I envision the personage of Earth Mother as the most beautiful of the beautiful and her skin is black. Dark and mysterious. Like the first human on Earth, the Adam, the hybrid race bred to work the mines. A beautiful creature, the first Human on planet Earth was genetically altered to perform work. A little later the Human Eve was produced.

This in no way alters that fact that Women resonate higher on a spiritual level than the male. The ancient story is true, the Adam was created in the likeness of the gods, spelled with a little g and the woman followed shortly. Yet every female is a fragment of the Mother of Everything. In the end, women know and men think. Her body is in sync with the moon. With Her breasts and womb and the procreative abilities She has let us now compare a man’s body. What does he have to offer life? A penis with a sack of seed? Men are helpers of the divine Wombman. Man is a creature made especially for her aid.


There is no way out of this and nowhere to go even if it were possible. We are all one and we are eternally in the present moment, the moment that we just can’t quite get to with our senses. The past and present are just that, a construct much like a movie, with a beginning, a middle and an ending and they mesmerize us with story.

Things keep moving implacably along making it sometimes difficult to understand that peace is the goal and one must be silent to attain peace. Silence and the knowledge that death is a myth is all one needs to attain complete control and own the universe. Eternal means that even if this life lasted one thousand years it would be a micro blip in respect to our true state of conscious being.

Forgiveness, allowing, nurturing is the right and only attitude. The creator has set us in a net if we be selfish in a hurtful way. He not only gives his creatures freedom to be whatever they want, he is a hands off part of every thought and conscious idea. We are allowed to think anything imaginable. We can ponder anything we want but every action you say or do will comes back with a vengeance. With a moment of consideration it is obvious that the only safe thing to do is to put out love, it is the only thing that is more than welcome when it comes time for the return.

The power in helping and doing something for someone is the only power there is. The power of love, the only thing that absolutely follows the universal law of what works. True love is the only thing that works infallibly.

The wonder and magic of life is the Mother. She is the real deal in everything and everyone down deep knows that truth. It is obvious, just as obvious as common sense shows us that The Creator is the only conscious being and each of us is one of His infinite reflections.