4 Spiritual Facts plus 2 aspects of the illusion.

Here are four spiritual facts of life that I use to guide my path.

1.     There is absolutely unequivocally no real thing or place called hell.
2.     There is also no such thing as heaven.
3.     Death is a foolish myth.

These ideas were all created to scare and spread fear for purposes of control and lucre.  Like you my thinking process is one individuation of the conscience of God.  Being one individuation of that infinite soul I have done everything, I have been everywhere, I have been everything and I will continue to do so forever.  The body dies but I do not.  I am the perceiver of the wondrous universe I have created.

The fourth is now, there is only now, the living now, the eternal now.

Let me state the two certain aspects that exists within the illusion you may have already heard about.

The first is universal law and is defined by two words:  what works.  At this time the only thing that has ever worked within the illusion is Love and from my personal sources I don’t see that changing.

The second is everything that is outside of the perceiver is illusion and unreal.  You, the perceiver is that what is and everything else when you think about it, actually happens a light second later, i.e. the mind processes through chemical means for sensory input to become known.

We are all one and our fear is nothing but mistaken love, remember?