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The Creator has placed creation before you

The Creator has placed creation before you. He cultivates your soulful welling. He shows you how to create. So, children, do good for Your Mother! Do not squander your opportunity! It is a matter of who you are. Your Father knows you. Remember that. We all understand Him. Forgiveness is His way He is and […]

The Healing

Justice is the question Truth is the answer Love is the reason Faith is the power In fact, ones love and faith in themselves are the very two things a person needs to be happy.  Without them, what is it all worth?  The thing about love and faith are that they are the eternal essences […]

Story of the Mother

It is our being that is transported within the Creature.  Many different creatures exist.  In fact if there be an appraisal every being is on a hegemony of existence rated by the closest to the Creator by the time of each individuals creation.  Each creature is created within a space/time continuum. God being the initial […]


1.  Listen 2.  do not fear 3.  allow time to steer 4.  listen to your inner ear 5.  inner ear is here to hear 6.  with ideas plain and clear 7   hold the tongue wagging there 8.  silence reveals every truest fares 9.  but only if you listen and really care.

Let’s examine Lucifer

Lucifer is not an Archangel, not an angel in any way, shape or form.  It is not a he or a she, although it absolutely loathes with insane hatred the Mother of everything because She is Gods spouse, forever.  Lucifer is actually part of God’s conscientiousness.  A very small spot that is essential for the […]


#2d5d82 Peering through the retinas it is sometimes hard to see. That vision caught cascading so boring thrilling free. The mind jumps to attention and cranks out reverie. I stand there watching hearing not knowing what I be. The time it takes an impulse to travel on the brain bus Is only always nimble finding […]


No Comment

I do not allow comments for my own personal reasons. I don’t know who any subscriber is and so I address the common issues effecting all of us in Creation on a read or leave basis. I need to do this and I don’t want to argue. I try to be informative and truthful about […]


so if anyone were owner of the Universe….. excuse me, I own the Universe.  I have since 1953.  I didn’t realize this fact until I was around sixty years of age or so when I finally quit denying that voice inside.  I finally got behind it and realized that God lives right here with me […]

I am back.

I am a Republican.  I switched from Independent.  I wanted to vote and in the California primary election one must be registered in the party of the candidate.  I voted for Donald Trump and will vote for him in November.  I was originally worried that the establishment would harm him and what changed my mind […]