God is Great

When anyone says that god is great there is the possibility that that statement could be construed to conceal the real God the Creator and actually be a lesser divine entity. A creature can say god is great with meaning from a personal point of view and that can be received as true. When one … Continue reading “God is Great”

Common Sense

CHAPTER ONE When people use common sense the result is understanding. Common sense means you have a conscience. Having a conscience means you are an individual and make up your own mind. You seek the truth knowing it is the only thing that really demonstrates freedom. The truth educates by being correct and backed by … Continue reading “Common Sense”


we may be all one but there are an awful, awful lot of people in denial about that.  In a universe where your intentions count this makes it very difficult when society is controlled essentially by billions of bodies when in fact we are not the body.  I suppose you already grasped that. I am … Continue reading “Denial”