The Healing

Justice is the question Truth is the answer Love is the reason Faith is the power In fact, ones love and faith in themselves are the very two things a person needs to be happy.  Without them, what is it all worth?  The thing about love and faith are that they are the eternal essences … Continue reading “The Healing”


1.  Listen 2.  do not fear 3.  allow time to steer 4.  listen to your inner ear 5.  inner ear is here to hear 6.  with ideas plain and clear 7   hold the tongue wagging there 8.  silence reveals every truest fares 9.  but only if you listen and really care.


#2d5d82 Peering through the retinas it is sometimes hard to see. That vision caught cascading so boring thrilling free. The mind jumps to attention and cranks out reverie. I stand there watching hearing not knowing what I be. The time it takes an impulse to travel on the brain bus Is only always nimble finding … Continue reading “#2d5d82”


so if anyone were owner of the Universe….. excuse me, I own the Universe.  I have since 1953.  I didn’t realize this fact until I was around sixty years of age or so when I finally quit denying that voice inside.  I finally got behind it and realized that God lives right here with me … Continue reading “Thought”